Spay & Neuter Cats at our Animal Hospital in Woodbridge VA

It is so important to spay & neuter wild and domestic cats for a variety of reasons. These reasons include protecting your cat's health, reducing the overall population of stray cats, and to prevent the development of certain cancers. Stray cats are overpopulated throughout the US, which contributes to animal homelessness and the spread of certain diseases. Cats that are unable to find homes may often develop serious health issues and may never receive quality veterinary treatment. Choosing to spay and neuter cats prevents excess crowding in shelters and it keeps cats safe from serious health issues. If you are a cat parent or if you are considering adopting a cat in the future, keep reading about the importance of spaying and neutering from our animal hospital in Woodbridge VA.
Certain health conditions can be prevented through spaying and neutering. Spaying a female cat before her first heat, which happens about six months, can help to prevent future uterine infections. It can also prevent uterine cancers and breast cancers. Neutering a male cat can eliminate their risk of developing testicular cancers. This process can also lower their risk of future prostate issues. Overall, cats that are spayed and neutered live longer, healthier lives. Choosing to spay or neuter your cat is the most responsible choice you can make regarding your cat's health. Our animal hospital in Woodbridge VA can help you understand more specific logistics about your cat's reproductive health.
Spaying and neutering your cat will also help to minimize or completely reduce certain unwanted behaviors in your cat. Cats in heat will often attract other cats and they may be likely to wander. Wandering can be a seriously dangerous issue for your cat because they may cause an unwanted pregnancy and they can even pick up parasites. Parasites are a major health issue for your cat because they can develop over time and cause serious damage to your cat's health without you even realizing it. Cats often do not show symptoms of infection or illness until their condition has progressed significantly. Roaming cats can pick up fleas, heartworms, ear mites, and other unwanted bacteria that can cause major damage to your cat's body. Choosing to spay or neuter your cat at our animal hospital in Woodbridge VA can protect them from the risks that come with wandering. 
Our animal hospital of Woodbridge VA recommends spaying female cats before their first heat. Kittens as young as 8 weeks old can be spayed or neutered. Choosing to spay or neuter your cat before they reach sexual maturation will give them the most health benefits. Early spay or neutering for cats will protect them from serious health complications in the future. This early window of opportunity will also prevent certain unwanted behaviors from occuring in the first place. It is never too late to spay or neuter your cat, so talk to our team about your cat's unique health requirements. 
To learn more about spaying and neutering for cats, contact our animal hospital in Woodbridge VA. You can reach our team by calling (571) 285-1855 or by filling out a contact form directly on our site. 
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