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Our Woodbridge veterinary office wants to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible coming in for an appointment. Members of our staff have been selected by our veterinarians in Woodbridge to provide you & your pet the best possible experience during your visit. Learn more about our team below.



Chelsea has worked with Dr. Z since 2016 and joined PetsRFamily at its opening. She loves to be outside and her hobbies range from mounted archery to caving, participating in most things in between.  She has three cats at home - Pepper, a 17 year old tuxedo, found abandoned when he was 3 days old and raised by Chelsea, Chief Two Toes, another orphaned kitten, a poly-dactyl tabby named for her extra toes (two extra on every paw), and Reaper, a stray from the graveyard who turned out to be the world's friendliest cat! She also works with several rescues fostering kittens to help them find their forever homes!





Sara is a native of the Washington DC Metropolitan area. She completed her undergraduate studies at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and continued on to the University of Maryland for her MBA. Sara is a lover of life and all things living and the hero of our resident clinic cat, Lily,  taking her in as a stray kitten. 

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